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4 Simple Ways to Eat Healthy

Updated: Jul 28, 2020


This is a post I wrote back when I was in college, and I hope, now that we have all been at home for a few months, we can take a look at what we're eating.

Some of these methods are more abstract (you'll understand what I mean as you read each of them) and they are only meant to give you a few tips on how you can view the food on your plate.

If you would like a Diet Chart to help you out better, then do contact me so we can make one together, specifically for you!

Eating healthy has become such a task these days, its something that comes naturally only to a few of us. As a kid I was a fussy eater, but it was important to always enjoy home cooked meals. As a hosteller now, I crave for home cooked meals so much! But eating healthy is something that has become increasingly important to me.

Last year I took up a Diet and Nutrition course offered by my Yoga Centre and it has changed the way I look at eating. You will be surprised at how many things we implement wrongly on a daily basis.

If I can be mindful of the food I eat in the mess everyday at college, you can do it at home too!

1. Mindful eating

This is something that's not as easy as it sounds, to be simply aware of the food we eat is so difficult! We eat only the foods we like, or those that taste yummy, but we aren't aware of what our bodies like. Why is it so difficult to read the signs our bodies send out to make us aware that something is not suitable? We constantly complain about bad skin, pimples, inflammation, redness, and we want to only rectify it by skincare that is advertised so well. Why not by making dietary changes? So when I say Mindful eating, not only do I mean to be aware of what you eat but also how it reflects on your skin, your mood, your digestion and so on. Just be aware!

2. Junk

Of course this one is quite obvious! Avoid junk food! You obviously don't have to completely cut it out, but try making sure it is not a part of your daily diet. Which means, reduce the junk such as chips, burgers, biscuits to a few times a week! Phase it out slowly, this way you will find yourself craving junk food lesser. If you are craving it, then just go ahead and eat some! This way it won't be on your mind all the time, you will have already satisfied your craving!

3. Eat Half Your Capacity

This is a great way to practice moderation in eating! Try and eat to half of your stomach's full capacity. This allows for your stomach to churn and digest the food effectively, which increases your metabolism and can be very good for weight loss. Doing this also ensures the health of your stomach lining, think of it as a churning machine; at full capacity it is harder to churn, but at half the capacity, there is more efficiency. You don't

have to do this for all your meals! Trust me, I understand the need to eat until full when there's something you love, served on your plate. But do try practicing this for most of your meals and you will see a huge difference in digestion, respiration, bowel movement, weight loss, skin texture, fitness levels and so much more.

4. Water Consumption

Have you ever been told to drink water before you start your meal to help you reduce weight or eat less? This could not be more wrong! To give you an example, think of your mixer-grinder at home. Now imagine filling it with water before you add the ingredient you want to mash up. Often you will find that your ingredient is floating in the water instead of being in contact with the blades of the machine, and this will hinder the process of grinding. Applying the same concept to your stomach, when you drink water first, the food is not in contact with the lining walls which are responsible for digestion, so you actually won't be able to digest food effectively! So, try to avoid drinking water before you eat, instead take a few sips of water while you eat and then consume a good amount after as well. Doing this will ensure enough lubrication is given, to improve the rate of digestion.

Always be aware of what you eat! This alone can be so effective to have a healthier diet. Notice changes in your body, your digestive function, avoid anything that makes you feel bad! These tips have honestly changed the game for me, and I do try to practice all of them everyday. I hope you guys can give it some thought too!

Stay Safe, Stay Aware!

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