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Mahamritunjaya Havan


Maha Mritunjaya Havan is performed on Saturdays at 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm for the health, harmony and general well-being of all living beings.

Kirtan is an important aspect of yoga. Just as rasgula is incomplete without sugar, so yoga is also incomplete without kirtan. Kirtan is not religious chanting, nor is it just singing one word many times. It is a part of nada yoga, the yoga of sound, in which you produce sound waves and follow them with your awareness. By singing kirtan you are able to withdraw yourself from the body and your external environment. You are traveling by the jet of emotions, therefore, you do not confront the mind at all. In raja yoga you have to fight the mind, but in kirtan you bypass the mind.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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Yoga Trips

Mahamritunjaya Havan and Kirtan Gallery

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Nada Yoga


Chakra Dharana

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Kids Yoga

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Mudra Therapy


Pran Nidra

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Hatha Yoga

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Throughout the year, Yoga Wellness Center organises retreats, advanced courses and spiritual events for yoga aspirants.

The enriching and transformational programs at the ashrams, provide yoga aspirants and practitioners with the unique chance of experiencing first hand yogic lifestyle, and the opportunity of finding greater depth and understanding in yoga.

The YWC offers Yoga aspirants and practitioners, the chance to experience this thorough our Yoga Trips. The trip itself is a week long, and packed with various activities. Interested aspirants will notified about the scheduled trip 3 months in advance. Bookings are usually conducted group wise, but aspirants may also independently arrive at the ashram, and join YWC group there.

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