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The Yoga Wellness Center is based on the Satyananda Yoga Tradition of the Bihar School of Yoga (1963). This tradition was developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati himself, and incorporates several other practices that concentrate on the balance between the body and mind.

Although a tradition that is integral in that it contains the original teachings of generations of yogis past, its highly adaptable nature allows it to be tailored to address the modern situations of the present day.

The Yoga Wellness Center is based on this tradition, with the aim to provide a spiritual balance between all the aspects of one’s being. Its comprehensive approach allows for each student to have a well rounded idea of yoga, and helps them incorporate it into their everyday life.

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Ayurveda Consultations

ayurveda consultations

YWC recommends the use of Ayurveda to complement the practice of yoga, to yield the best results.

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to the health and nourishment of the body, and follows the same principals of Yoga in the medicinal sense. It refers to the body as an intricate structure, whose health depends upon balance between various elements.

Yoga Classes

yoga classes

Everybody’s needs and requirements are different from one and other. And it is in this understanding that the YWC offers classes that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Yoga aspirants are interviewed to determine the kind of class they would be most suited to, and classes may be chosen based on recommendation or convenience.

News & Events

news & events

The Yoga Wellness Center was established in the month of May in 2012. Classes offered at the center include everything from Yoga for Children, to Maternity Yoga.

The YWC strives to provide an environment where aspirants can practice yoga on a regular basis, at their convenience and comfort and under the guidance of a teacher.